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Plus X Award for the „Café Style“ by Feder Design and Severin.

Innovations are the basis for long-lasting success of a company. The resulting prosperity directly benefits the end consumer. The Plus X Award gives justice to those innovations, that make our lives easier and more pleasant, and that are ecologically friendly. Thanks to its clear, aesthetic form, the coffee maker “Café Style”, designed by Feder Design and produced by Severin in Sundern (Sauerland), was awarded in the category Design. Furthermore, it was rated “Best product of the product group”. 

•  Pump pressure: max. 15 bar
•  Water tank: 1.5 Liter
•  Measures: W 24 x H 35.5 x D 33 cm
•  One Touch Technology
•  Smallest One Touch fully automatic coffee maker in the world
•  Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, milk coffee Milchkaffee
•  Unique hygiene system

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